Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Next Destination

In exactly 25 days,  I am finally graduating from college. The question I always asked myself every time i wake up in the morning waiting for that special day, what is next?

All my life I dedicated to school and work. Nothing else. I remember most of the people I know would call me boring, that I don't know what is fun. They are quite right, I never really done anything in my life that can be considered "fun". I never understood that.. I believe, studying and going to school is the only thing I know that makes me feel good and that i consider "fun" except for those weeks that I am dragging to finish all  my homeworks and study for tests...

So what's next? Would I be one of those jobless fresh graduate students, or would I make a difference? I still have yet to reveal the answer for that soon, and yes, it is fast approaching. I have already identified who I am. Making it in the real world would be a great accomplishment for me. Next chapter, here i come!


  1. After finding out I was going to be graduating a semester earlier than I originally planned, I went into a state of shock. But now, I'm settling into the idea. Best of luck in your next chapter, because I am right there in the same boat as you. Here's the the "boring kids"!

  2. haha. yes agreed. Good Luck to you too!