Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Where Is the Light?

I woke up today with loneliness. This is the first time in a very long time that i realize how life can be hard at times.

This is not about me anymore, this is what makes me. I finally graduated and here I am, still confused, waiting for anything that might come. Some might lead me to failure while I hope some will lead me the way tot he right path. What is the right path anyway? What do i want?

Everyone is kicking me out of their lives. But I'm the only one left for myself. I need something, a motivation that will let me see the way. Hopefully, that road is coming soon..

Keep believing, it's eventually going to happen.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

The End is Near..

I have been feeling nervous, excited, and happy all at the same time as my graduation is fast approaching. It's very nerve-racking. I can't explain. In 9 days, welcome to the real world.

I feel pressured to get a job after school. Paying off loans, bills make me even more nervous on what to do next. Closing one chapter of my life and moving on to another brighter opportunity is quite an adventure and probably one of the most challenging experience I have to go through.

Nonetheless, i am confident and very much positive that I am armored with enough knowledge and abilities I need to succeed in this journey they call "LIFE".

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Imperfection is the Perfection

Albert Einstein once wrote, "Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new". People are always afraid for failure. They always want to live a perfect life. Life should be convenient, easy, and comfortable. To do this, avoid committing mistakes. This is where everyone is wrong. People should not be scared of failing. Failure makes us stronger and wiser in the future.

Oftentimes, imperfection is the way to achieve perfection. This is true (as I think it is for me). I am not encouraging people to keep failing and making mistakes in life, rather, to be able to stand up and take responsibility of whatever it may be that comes along the way. Mistakes are good foundation for a successful way of living. You made mistake, you eventually learn and make better decisions in the future.

This is another problem of the society. Everyone deems themselves perfect. There is nothing wrong with achieving perfection, but at least understand that we need cooperation rather than division.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Next Destination

In exactly 25 days,  I am finally graduating from college. The question I always asked myself every time i wake up in the morning waiting for that special day, what is next?

All my life I dedicated to school and work. Nothing else. I remember most of the people I know would call me boring, that I don't know what is fun. They are quite right, I never really done anything in my life that can be considered "fun". I never understood that.. I believe, studying and going to school is the only thing I know that makes me feel good and that i consider "fun" except for those weeks that I am dragging to finish all  my homeworks and study for tests...

So what's next? Would I be one of those jobless fresh graduate students, or would I make a difference? I still have yet to reveal the answer for that soon, and yes, it is fast approaching. I have already identified who I am. Making it in the real world would be a great accomplishment for me. Next chapter, here i come!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Clash of Cultures

How do you feel when you are caught in between two rocks? For all i know, it is not as simple as i think it can be.

One day you are a different person and one day it is magic, you are a different person again. How is this possible? We always adapt to our environment. When you do not like mushrooms and your friends like it, you become a different person and eat mushroom because you do not want to be an outcast. Is this considered hypocrisy? yes, i would consider that. We are all hypocrites in our own ways. I think it is part of human behavior that sometimes, at the end of the day we can no longer identify who we truly are.

Is this what we want? They said we are all unique, but how is it that we want to be alike in several ways? This is unfortunate. We deny hypocrisy, we do not like hypocrites, but we act on it. Accept it and do nothing, or reject it and prove I am wrong.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Smile..Even Though It Hurts

My family migrated in the United States few years ago. I still have a clear memory the first time we arrived at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. I was bundles up with 4 layers of clothes. One thing is for sure, I am not in tropical country anymore where we get an average of 75 degrees. Most of the people I see are white and blonde. I felt like an outcast. And worst,  I felt like all eyes are on me.

Remember Inception? Yes, I perceived everything that time as dream. Until I woke up the following day, and I am still cold. It was not a dream after all. I am in America. We went to a restaurant and instead of using fork, I used a spoon because that was what I'm used to. I heard a giggle from the other table. I felt embarrassed. It hurts.. but I still smiled.

I attended school in America,  the professor criticized my writing so many times saying that "I don't belong in this class". She said I write differently. Being different is not considered a sin. It is not wrong. It is not similar as being deviant. I don't belong, but I still continued pursuing my dreams.

yes, I do things differently, I say things very different from how people say things. I tell you what, I guess at this point of my life, I don't really care. Let's live life tot the fullest.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Zombie Apocalypse

It has become a trend in film industry to include zombie-like actions. Walking dead, The Stand and many more have been some of the great examples on how zombie movies are very well accepted in the society. Several episodes and sequels have occurred to fulfill people's "fantasy" for zombies. Why? Do we really need all these when humanity is gradually shifting to a zombie-like society?

The zombie apocalypse is already for us to witness. People are alive not because they are living, but they only live to survive. The apocalypse is coming so quick unless we act and put a stop on it. There is no culture for anything anymore. There is only imitation of everything, adapting everything we see in the TV and hear on the radio.

We walk like dead people, we do not have our own ideas anymore. We only seek for pleasure all the time, and we become threat to each other. This is a contagious disease, let's do something about it..