Tuesday, February 26, 2013

To be Detached or Attached?

I watched a movie last night and it was called, "The Detachment". It was very simple, not famous, but very inspirational if only people would pay attention to the explicit message of the movie..

Well, guess what, the movie actually pertains to all walks of life, and I would go even further than that. It is about how messed up the world have become, how human beings try to prove all the time that they are destroying humanity...

Teenagers or rather the youth they say are the "hope of the future". Well tell me, how can they be when they are starting their life in a wrong path. Middle school students, high school students and even young college students themselves do not take school seriously and think that the purpose of life is all about fun and pleasure. You see these kids walking down the street without any respect for themselves anymore not even respect for the adults.

Everyone can still make a difference, but first, we need to start within ourselves..

Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Rider and the Elephant

On one of my classes, I found something interesting that is worth blogging. There was a research study call the The Moral Foundation Theory. This is a theory that shows how the people's intuition is more influential in decision-making rather than reasoning.

The theory used the illustration of an elephant and its rider. The elephant represents the intuition. Intuition is defined as the actions that people do without any use of rational thinking. It is our personality, "gut" feeling and emotions. The rider on the other hand represents the reasoning. Reasoning takes place when an individual use logical explanations for things in decision-making.

Western culture propagate individualism, while Eastern cultures practice collectivism. Men are believed to be more rational than women. The Moral Foundation Theory have the answers for these things. It seems like men are programmed to be more rational while women are big on emotions. Eastern cultures are big on using their intuition, while Westerners mostly side with reasoning.

When we use our intuition over our reasoning capabilities, we are more vulnerable for being taken advantage of. We tend to only use reasoning when we try to justify our feelings. Look at America, and look at all the other cultures who thrive in this country, it seems like they are bound to justify each others fault when truly their enemies are just themselves alone.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Rule of Dialectics

We tend to look a people and observe them. Likewise, they do the same. The question though is how two different perspectives come down to one resolution?

United States of America is so diverse that it is necessary to develop a good interpersonal communication with everyone or not?! Sometimes the problem is not about just the communication itself, but actually just little differences that root from up there (your mind alone).

But, guess what? Admit it or not, when someone comes up to you and tells you that everything you know "are all wrong", you will freak out, or worst try to chase him off. When this possibility takes place, it leads to even worst scenario: turning yourself away from the "perceive threat" you have.

I believe that human beings are built with a system that makes it harder for them to accept other's ideas, especially if this is beyond what they know. Eventually, it would create chaos unless people learn that different people have different cultures, and as a result truth is perceived differently. But, is there really "truth"?

Monday, February 18, 2013

Dave Rhea: Moving Toward a Better Future

This was the first time I listened to Dave Rhea, and it was awesome! He stood in front of the class as a picture of a successful, hardworking man that knows what he was talking about. He said very important messages that I'll remember for a long time--Individual Responsibility.

Dave Rhea disagreed that blogs are not credible enough for people to read them. He said, "it's up to the creator/blogger on how he chooses to do with a blog". I realized at that moment that no one is responsible for anything that you do, but yourself. There is no blaming a blog if you find it not credible because you chose it. A blogger might decide to put trashy and satirical information in his blog, but that is his choice and have the rights to do so. On one hand, as a blog reader, you also have the right to choose which blog is reliable and worthy of your time.

The Journal Record Managing Director also was very informational when he proposed that blogging can actually make a difference for the future. As a blogger, I believe that a blog can be very  helpful to anyone while giving myself the pleasure to share people ideas.

Like what Dave Rhea said, "Just keep doing what we started and keep blogging, it will eventually be the future".

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Fear of Seeing the Truth

The 2011 film entitled, Atlas Shrugged shook my world last night. I have always seen posts and reviews about it and how bad it is. Well, i tell you what, it is one of the greatest movie ever!

Atlas Shrugged is sure a movie that represents a culture full of secrets and showing people how to open their eyes and accept reality. Here in United States, people are so accustomed with the bandwagon effect. "Everyone do it, and so do I", that's a famous mentality that people have. This is also the same reason why most of the audience denounces the movie and projected it as worthless and useless as they can infer to it.

I say, open your eyes people to a reality. Live a culture that sets you free, and not because you are in self-denial. Problems are everywhere, and guess what they are inevitable. It is part of life.

Let go of fear embrace life and happiness with clear conscience.

The Wandering Princess

I am just a simple girl with very simple dream in life, and that is to freely be myself and be happy with whatever I have.

Dreams. We all experience that. We all love to dream especially when we were still kids and believe that dreams do come true. Far back from my childhood experience, I had always felt like everything I do matters and measured by my parents. I should wear this...but not that... I should act like this and that.. and many more.. I never really understood how and why I should follow all those things that adults tell me to do. Ever since I was a kid, i always thought that the stories that I hear were true. Well, I got news for you, there were dreams and Sigmund Freud might be right when he said that it always came from our unconscious, but everyone have the choice to freely find happiness and be satisfied..

Kids: Girls are princesses, hoping for a prince to come and be their knight in shining armor. They are very delicate and sweet. Boys, are prince who are always expected to be brave enough to save everyone..

Well, I got news for you again, the princess all along is wandering down that road. The good news is, a wandering princess, can find her destination if she chooses to be..