Monday, January 28, 2013

new york times article

We are truly living in a different society now and there is no way of turning back. Living in a world where technology is widely used and in certain cases, somewhat helpful tot he people makes our lies not only easier, but also have strings attached to it.

People have come a long way that based on the article form the new york times, everyone needs to provide control over the others and restrict them in doing several things like utilizing the technology for social networking, for blogging, and most importantly, to use the modern technology to share opinions and helpful ideas to each other. I would personally say that blogging in essence need not be restricted for it is just one of the few ways that people can be free and influence others in such a way that the bloggers themselves are actually not hurting anyone in an offensive manner.

Everyone is entitled of being free in sharing their opinion to people in all aspects of life. Those who are in authority should be able to teach themselves that restricting others in voicing out their ideas and reactions to certain things will just lead into a mire complicated misunderstanding of everything in this world.

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