Wednesday, January 23, 2013

One of the blogs that i personally admire

The title of the blog is 1 Voice 4 Peace. It got my attention right away just because it seems so alike with mine. I have the opinion that a blog does not have to be so complicated full of so many effects and whatsoever as long as it has the content that you want to tell and share people. I am more for what the blog is all about and this blog that i found is amazing! The blog is so simple that the flow of ideas is just really very clear and i also would like to do that in my blog. The only concern i have about it though is thatsome of the articls gets a litle confusing at times when there are different ideas introduced in just a paragraph. Just hard to understand and make a connection at times.

One of its articles entitled "Create your Best Life" captured my heart. I am on the same opinion about taking control of my life and ot because others want me to be this way or that way. The blog really have very interesting ideas to share about living life and learning how to be at peace even if things get really so rough for us.

Well, go to this blog, and I promise, you would not regret it.

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