Thursday, January 31, 2013

Advices to give Spice on the Blog

I have looked at several websites that gave me ideas on how to improve my blog.

Don't forget about HEADLINES! This is the start of a blog and if you messed it up, you are going to lose some of your audience. It is important to grab the attention of the readers by putting a headline that interest them. Sometimes, it is not always about YOU, it should be about THE POST you want to share to your readers.

Keep the posts CLEAR! You don't want to share your blog with your readers and they will end up not understanding anything that you just posted. Write your post in a very organized an structured manner if possible. I have learned that this really keep the reader's attention to read what you are about to say.

Talk through the USE OF IMAGES! It makes sense that sometimes you don't have to write a bunch of words just to describe what you think about something interesting to you. Get your camera and get a snapshot of the object that you want to share with people. This really helps not only to keep variations regarding your blogposts, but also is very helpful to prevent boredom from your readers.

Remember, this is A BLOG not a NEWSPAPER! Keep in mind that short paragraphs help. While it may depend on what kind of topic you decide to write in a blog, it should always be short, clear, and concise.

And oh, the BACKGROUND COLOR TOO! Make it lively, but not exaggerated sense of having a lively, colorful background that would actually damage the entire blog page. You will posts several items in the blog, so, male it simple color that would not actually interfere with the fonts that you decide to choose for the blog.

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  1. Your blog spot is looking great, I can't say that about mine