Monday, March 11, 2013

Back to the Future

If given the chance, will you go back to the past and try to fix the future? As much as I hate to agree with that idea, I would still try to back and change the past.And as mush as I hate to admit that all of us in this world are all in pain in some ways, i would still say yes.

Yes, we need to do something. Everyone has turn their back to the culture they use to have, rather, that we use to have. Mass society greatly transformed into what we now call as mass media. The culture I use to remember when I was still young is gradually fading. We have become highly specialized society that we no longer have any connections at all. We interact in a very shallow level, but not "real" interaction. We built walls between ourselves and others and created a virtual reality.

Is a time machine a solution or it's time for everyone to wake up from the dream? The time machine is waiting for you, but only if you can no longer stand a chance to a machine and give up for life. We are humans, we are more capable than any machines out there, if we just choose to be one.

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