Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Unstoppable

There so many good things in this world that people take for granted. We always want what we don't have. Is this the right way of living? I don't think so..

People are unique in their own ways. Even identical twins have differences also. But why do we make so much individual isolation between the world and ourselves? It's easy. The answer is that we all want the best part. Social diversity leads to conflict. Conflict leads to a more difficult development of social cohesion. We want what we just want, but never think of other things. We eliminate so many things in life when we isolate ourselves form others who we perceive as different from us. We are used of labeling people that will fit them in our own categories. Is this right? Of course not. This is just making the world end very quickly.

When we try to become different and unique, we tend to isolate ourselves from others. People are unstoppable for search of what's best, what is pleasurable for them and eliminating strong bonds and open channel of communication. It is not about culture, it is about our individual prides.

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