Tuesday, February 26, 2013

To be Detached or Attached?

I watched a movie last night and it was called, "The Detachment". It was very simple, not famous, but very inspirational if only people would pay attention to the explicit message of the movie..

Well, guess what, the movie actually pertains to all walks of life, and I would go even further than that. It is about how messed up the world have become, how human beings try to prove all the time that they are destroying humanity...

Teenagers or rather the youth they say are the "hope of the future". Well tell me, how can they be when they are starting their life in a wrong path. Middle school students, high school students and even young college students themselves do not take school seriously and think that the purpose of life is all about fun and pleasure. You see these kids walking down the street without any respect for themselves anymore not even respect for the adults.

Everyone can still make a difference, but first, we need to start within ourselves..

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