Monday, February 18, 2013

Dave Rhea: Moving Toward a Better Future

This was the first time I listened to Dave Rhea, and it was awesome! He stood in front of the class as a picture of a successful, hardworking man that knows what he was talking about. He said very important messages that I'll remember for a long time--Individual Responsibility.

Dave Rhea disagreed that blogs are not credible enough for people to read them. He said, "it's up to the creator/blogger on how he chooses to do with a blog". I realized at that moment that no one is responsible for anything that you do, but yourself. There is no blaming a blog if you find it not credible because you chose it. A blogger might decide to put trashy and satirical information in his blog, but that is his choice and have the rights to do so. On one hand, as a blog reader, you also have the right to choose which blog is reliable and worthy of your time.

The Journal Record Managing Director also was very informational when he proposed that blogging can actually make a difference for the future. As a blogger, I believe that a blog can be very  helpful to anyone while giving myself the pleasure to share people ideas.

Like what Dave Rhea said, "Just keep doing what we started and keep blogging, it will eventually be the future".

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