Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Rule of Dialectics

We tend to look a people and observe them. Likewise, they do the same. The question though is how two different perspectives come down to one resolution?

United States of America is so diverse that it is necessary to develop a good interpersonal communication with everyone or not?! Sometimes the problem is not about just the communication itself, but actually just little differences that root from up there (your mind alone).

But, guess what? Admit it or not, when someone comes up to you and tells you that everything you know "are all wrong", you will freak out, or worst try to chase him off. When this possibility takes place, it leads to even worst scenario: turning yourself away from the "perceive threat" you have.

I believe that human beings are built with a system that makes it harder for them to accept other's ideas, especially if this is beyond what they know. Eventually, it would create chaos unless people learn that different people have different cultures, and as a result truth is perceived differently. But, is there really "truth"?

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  1. I think this post gave an interesting point of view and definitely will make people think. I know it makes me think about what "truth" is.