Thursday, February 14, 2013

Fear of Seeing the Truth

The 2011 film entitled, Atlas Shrugged shook my world last night. I have always seen posts and reviews about it and how bad it is. Well, i tell you what, it is one of the greatest movie ever!

Atlas Shrugged is sure a movie that represents a culture full of secrets and showing people how to open their eyes and accept reality. Here in United States, people are so accustomed with the bandwagon effect. "Everyone do it, and so do I", that's a famous mentality that people have. This is also the same reason why most of the audience denounces the movie and projected it as worthless and useless as they can infer to it.

I say, open your eyes people to a reality. Live a culture that sets you free, and not because you are in self-denial. Problems are everywhere, and guess what they are inevitable. It is part of life.

Let go of fear embrace life and happiness with clear conscience.

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